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Edgar Kennedy - LOOK FAST!

Poor Edgar Kennedy gets one line, ONE LINE, in just two seconds of screen time, and is gone! I guess this was the fate of many great comedic character actors; if they get screen time they are lucky. At any time, and for any reason, their part could be edited out or greatly reduced! Reading the trivia note for the film I find out Joel McCrea replaced another actor so all of those scenes had to be re-shot by a new director, George Cukor, including the scene with Edgar Kennedy. I thinking it might be that they had no choice but to reduce Mr. Kennedy's screen time because of the re-shoot, but that's just speculation. He also might have been a part of the re-shoot.???


Besides the ones you mentioned, there must have been quite a lot of other edits and cuts. Walter Pidgeon was in this movie as Judy's former lover but we only see him in the early courtroom scene and that's it. I like Walter Pidgeon. It's a good thing I like McCrea and Lukas too; they helped to distract me.

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