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Love and Duty - Spoiler Alert

Choosing between love and duty seemed to be a recurring theme in older movies. Today there seems to be very little of that. People now want their cake and to eat it too. Do we live in more selfish times now or is it due to the fact the societal pressures that used to encourage people to make the right decisions are gone?

In movies, as in life, there isn't always going to be a 'happy' ending but it doesn't mean life is over and all is lost. Throughout life we have to make choices. Often the right choice is the most difficult but it's the one that has to be made. We have to realize, our happy ending may be the worse possible ending for others; including the people we care about.

The other thing I like about this movie is how there really isn't a bad guys that comes between Judy and Pell. Life just happens; situations often arise that must be dealt with.

Woman, man! That's the way it should be Tarzan. [Tarzan and his mate]


Very insightful. I agree with your observations.


Probably one of the best posts I've ever seen. :)