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They don't make 'em like this anymore.

I saw The Night Of Terror once--maybe 40 years ago. I loved it! Haven't seen it since--don't know what's become of it. Those who've reviewed it harshly must not remember how life was back in 1933. That was a long time ago--things were very different. If ever you have the good fortune to see "Night..." do so--then watch a recent slasher film(doesn't much matter which one--with but a very few exceptions--they are all pretty much the same).That will pretty much tell the story.


I will always remember the weirdo wandering around the house saying "I am the Maniac!" He was so cute and loveable. I wish this was available somewhere on disc -- twould be fun to see it again after all these years. Insufferable rubbish, really.

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I've watched it a few times recently, and it is quite enjoyable for a film of this genre. Really quite well put together, and that house makes a superb set . I've got it on DVD .

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