Great Film!

I saw it last night on TCM! It was great. It was interesting to see a famous actors like Clark Gable in their younger years an the Barrymore brothers working together.

I hope to see it again, I didn't record it and missed certain parts. But I was praying that John Barrymore's character roasted in hell for being so hard and ruthless in the name of making a profit.


This movie is great! I recorded it so I'll have it to watch again & again. It remind's me of "Only Angel's Have Wing's" with Cary Grant & Jean Arthur. "Night Flight" is very good, highly emotional, very sad yet has a good ending. As for John Barrymore being gruff with his staff & crew. He was only doing his job while trying to hold his own anxiety, worry, grief inside to keep other's encouraged the best way he could. He had a job I wouldn't want because it required being stern yet he's only human too.
Movies like these, based on real historical facts, should make the audience think hard about how big companies & necessary creations to help mankind. I salute the early fliers who pioneered the mail runs in the conditions they had to work in with the early planes & equipment that was available @ the time. That's what the movie is truly all about.


Yeahhhh, it was okay. Beautifully crafted, I'll give you that, this was handled by people who cared, that's for sure. Excellent aerial photography, decent rear projection (superior to Hitchcock), and poignant and touching moments (like when Clark Gable raises both arms to touch/cheer the sky)... and I very much appreciated the few long takes, the camera will just hold on a certain moment and not cut.

The film was weighed down by some of the girly stuff, unfortunately—which is needed I suppose to show loved ones are on the ground still. And the political red tape business-first scenes were almost filler.

But it never occurred to me that flying at night must've started at some point. And I didn't know communication between two pilots in a biplane like that was mostly via paper. Or that they throttle off the engine to yell (amicably) at each other.

Definitely I think this movie is worth a watch. But like an IMDb reviewer said, "don't expect a masterpiece" lol.