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Before Hays Code Enforcement (Spoilers)

Can you list all the violations?

--Man and woman literally "shacked up"
--Woman gets pregnant without being married
--Scene with man and woman in bed together (though they are fully clothed)
--Man commits crime and is not punished (attempted robbery of safe)

Did I miss any? This is a great movie, and I think even one year later it would have not been made without significant changes.



-The neighbor who's trying to take Young away from Tracy has a nudie pin-up on his wall.


Also the intended rape scene.

Marjorie Rambeau an obvious prostitute. Remember the scene where the neighbor of Spencer Tracy (in the Hooverville) refusing to pay her for her "services".


Indeed, the film would have been SO different if it was made after the Hays Code, and wouldn't have had half the charm it has now.

Sometimes, I think, the Hays Code Enforcement destroyed 'film' in America, when in the sixties the censorship was loosened, there came sex and violence instead of a going back to portraying 'real' human relations and emotions like in this film for instance.

"The willow sees the heron's image upside down" from 'Sans Soleil'


Ditto for the old woman murdering Bragg.