What was Meg?

Jo was going to be writer, Amy was going to be an artist and Beth was going to be a musician. My question is, what was Meg going to be? During the movie, I thought that when she prayed for Beth (first sickness) that she said she would devote her life to God if only Beth survived. I took that to mean, she would become a nun. Beth survived, but Meg did not become a nun, instead she became a devoted wife and mother of twins.


I believe Meg meant that she'd "serve God" by being more LIKE Beth. She'd try to curb her vanity (Meg remembered when the Marches were well to do, and luxuries were "every day".)

The March Girls were the daughters of a Protestant Clergyman, and Beth was the only one who took her father's messages to heart.

No nuns were involved.

I do hope he won't upset Henry...