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Worst best picture winner ever

Without a doubt, this is the worst best picture winner ever. It was boring and not well made.


92 – Cavalcade (1933)
Oscar Wins:
Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Art Direction

Perhaps the most basic and damning criticism that can be lodged against a movie is that it is boring. Of course it’s also one of the more subjective of judgments. I have been known to be thoroughly engrossed by films that many others might find tedious. Obviously, plenty of the voting members of the Academy were entertained by director Frank Lloyd’s Cavalcade back in 1933. For my part, I found the usually delightful work of writer Noel Coward to be almost entirely stultifying. The characters are so thinly drawn that I couldn’t bring myself to care the tiniest bit about their trials and tribulations. One mid-film reveal actually elicited a derisive snort of laughter from me instead of the intended dramatic shock.

A side note here: Cavalcade‘s Frank Lloyd was nominated for Best Director alongside George Cukor and Frank Capra at the Oscars ceremony that year. Folksy funny man Will Rogers opened the envelope and mentioned that he’d been following the winner’s career closely, exclaiming “come up and get it, Frank!” Well, Capra leapt to his feet and began making his way to the stage triumphantly before realizing that the winner was actually the other Frank in the category. Oops.