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Will it ever be cool to like this?

Surely this has been hated for so many years that it's time for people to rebel ;)

Stand up and proclaim your love, people. It's surely not Crash.

I'm tired of being the only one loving this

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I think it's WONDERFUL! I've seen it several times, and I also have a copy of the play.


I strongly agree that this film gets needlessly slammed for all sorts of unfair reasons. Yes, there were better films made in 1933, but then you'd have to hold that against just about every other Best Picture winner in every other year as well! Also, the attitudes towards class are out of date, but were still quite prevalent in 1933; why hold that against the movie, just because we've moved on in our culture? The plot is basically just a framework to stitch together a tapestry of the changes in England over the last 35 or so years prior to the film's present, but its serviceable. I admired the film's impressive production design, the great use of montage, several large-scale crowd scenes came off well and Ursula Jeans gives a fine rendition of Coward's "Twentieth Century Blues". All in all, not by any stretch of the imagination the best film of the 30's, but an entertaining Anglophile's spectacle, undeserving of the scorn habitually heaped upon it.



I like most most film screenplays written by Noel Coward. In Which We Serve, This Happy Breed, Brief Encounter, and Blithe Spirit are all wonderful films. Cavalcade was based on a play that he wrote. I don't hate it, but it isn't my favorite Coward film either.

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Put me in the camp that loves this film!