Wrong photo n site

If's from It Happened One Night !!!!


It's definitely confusing...but there IS a connection.

Frank Capra thought he was going to get his OSCAR for LADY FOR A DAY. and was understandably jumpy. When he heard the presenter announce the award for Best Director, he just heard "Come and get it FRANK" (approximate quote". He was so excited that he was halfway down the aisle when he realized that the OSCAR had gone to FRANK LLOYD, for CAVALCADE.

Mr. Capra was vindicated the next year, when IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT won the "Grand Slam", and he got his own Academy Award.

Hope this helps..

I do hope he won't upset Henry...


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Thanks for sharing. I'd read about the confusion....but I somehow missed that it was related to this film!

"OOhhhooo....I'M GON' TELL MAMA!"