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Time travel ("transported") in a 1933 film ??

Wow! Could this be the first time (1933) the topic is shown or discussed in a movie? I had never heard of this movie before today and I enjoyed watching it on TCM this afternoon.

It's the earliest reference to "time travelers" that I've ever heard of, but, if anyone knows of an even older movie that references this subject I would love to hear about it and search for a version of the movie.

I'm always fascinated by ideas about time, space & other dimensions; I love to read fiction novels & short stories (usually sci-fi writers) pondering the author's concepts of travelling to other dimensions. And oh yes, I was a huge fan of Rod Serling's original Twilight Zone series back in the 60's, lol!

I thought Berkeley Square was charming, gentle, and laced with beliefs and manners that [or so we've been taught & told] were upheld to be polite and correct during the early 'growth stages' of the newly formed, very young country America. :))


I was wondering the same thing. Berkeley Square appears to be the first full length feature film to use time travel or something to that effect. Wikipedia lists a few others before Berkeley Square, but in the first one it's about a man dreaming he time traveled. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1921)

The second one is a margarine commercial which officially used time travel. It's called Rex – Hvad Diogenes søkte og fandt (1923) (I don't see an IMDb link for it).

The third one is a futuristic world (the year 1980), but the synopsis doesn't mention time travel. Just Imagine (1930) travel_in_science_fiction_films

I watched Berkeley Square for the second time, the same day you saw it and I enjoyed it a lot more the second time. I think the first time I watched it I was expecting something else so I couldn't get into it. Now I look forward to the next time I'll get to see it 

Mag, Darling, you're being a bore.