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That Doctor Had Some Nerve!

What a jerk the doctor was at the of this movie. First, barring Loretta from seeing her husband, and then giving her this stern speech about what a crappy wife she is. How I wanted to her to respond to him: Well, my husband can't keep a job and drinks all day, and wouldn't even make the bed while I was at work, and then went out and cheated on me with this floozy at a speakeasy and got thrown in a drunk tank, and then I had to bail him AND THE FLOOZY out, and I didn't even fuss at him about it, and when I had an opportunity to support us with a great job in St. Louis, he refused to come and then just started living with the same floozy who he cheated on me with, and yet this is somehow my fault?

The fact that this jerk doctor shamed her into lying to her husband and saying she was fired just to save her husband's stupid pride, while his mistress is literally in the next room....I just can't with this movie. Norman can't bring himself to apologize? This is all on Loretta? No and no.

Go back to St. Louis where people treated you with respect! And get a divorce and move on with George Brent!