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Funny little movie, but you must see it in perspective

I've only watched the movie after reading about it on the net and to check if it really was on the edge of child-porn.
I must say I was disappointed about all the negative hype. Not that I wanted to see anything extreme, but it really wasn't that shocking.
If you see this reel in the spirit of that time and can get past the concept of young children, the movie seems to be a spoof on war-soldiers having their last free time in a bar. Having it toned down to being played by kids in diapers is probably what the director saw as being the funny part. And it had some funny parts in it. Spoilers next.

As the pianist who gets reprimanded for starting playing "sexy" music.
Or the boy who wants the milk so bad(a substitute for an alcoholic), he drinks it from a glove together with a dog.
Then there also is the competition between 2 guys about a girl and the subsequent betrayal from the girl against her lover.

End spoilers.

No, I believe this movie was very funny in portraying the human condition from another viewpoint, in this case little children.

People who are appalled by this movie where obviously missing the point and are making a judgment out of their own narrowed views. Actually I'm also doing this, but I like to think my above statements have some valid points.

Any valid thoughts to share?


simply put it's a whole lot of corn and no type of porn.