This and other films by the same director are wrong. The director had problems. It has Kiddie Porn that make people sick!!! Please do not watch this.

Watch or Download it free legaly here...

Please don't watch it.


theres nothing wrong with this!
I mean you gotta think about the way people were back then, I mean...even if it was 'kiddie porn', don't you think it would of been banned?
Anyways, why are you sending the link to people if you don't want them to watch it?


Wait. You warn us that it's "kiddie porn" and say not to watch it. The you provide us with a link that says "Watch...it here." So...what exactly do you want?

Please. The guy who did "Ma and Pa Kettle" has "problems"? Have you seen this? It's clearly a satire.

Personally, I think I have too much bloom. Maybe that's the trouble with me.


You have severe sexual issues, you dolt. If you see pedophilia in this movie at all, it's because YOU, yourself, are on the verge of wanting to gratify yourself over it and don't want to cross that line, so you want it destroyed. You're wacko!

Do the world a favour and look up the ACTUAL definition of pedophilia and ask yourself WHY you consider this to be it. Might be answer to your problems. You might want to avoid Huggies ads, too, because THEY would be in the same class as "kiddie porn". Lame.

http://www.mgmbill.org/ Help protect boys rights, too!