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Why the hand painted box in the kitchen scene?

I just saw this movie for the first time. I noticed in the kitchen scene when Marble and his wife are talking about their daughter, I noticed there is what appears to be a box on Lux on the window sill. However the box is hand painted black (on the print) with just the letters LUX on it. The box is painted black on the film print as you can see the edge jumping around. I wounder why they wound paint over the box after the scene was shot. I would be greatly interested in knowing why.


I just watched this today and noticed this too, about 58 minutes into the movie. My best guess is that it was an early form of product placement; Lux was a major brand back in the 1930s and 40s. There was even a "Lux Radio Theater" which has episodes that survive to today. My second guess is maybe it was the "wrong" brand of soap (i.e. not someone the studio did business with) and Lux was the right brand (or at least a neutral choice) or, again, paid to have it placed in the scene. Just guessing though. But I'm sure it was added, as you can tell from the border and its jumping around slightly.

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