A Few Things...

...That make this film special:

-Bette Davis was sexy as all heck! Blonde should have been her look!

-The use of music in here is incredible! Jazz, blues, country!

-Great ending!

-Great message

-Great cinematography

-Great direction by Curtiz (like always)

-Great line "I'd kiss ya, but I just washed ma hair." (LOL!!!!!)

-The term "peckerwood" kept making me laugh like Beavis & Butthead

-And all that Pre-hayes goodness! (Davis seduction scene!)


Well, I was happy just to see Barthelmess, even though he was a shadow of his former self.


The big shocker to me was how disappointed I was throughout most of his performance, which seemed like he gave just one facial expression. Although his speech at the end almost made up for it all. He was one of the best Silents stars though.


True, true...and he was horribly miscast. I could understand Davis chasing after the Barthelmess of "Way Down East," but not here. Just terribly miscast and he seemed to have a very difficult time transitioning into the talkies. Funny cause he comes alive in the silents, but seems so muted in the talkies. Once the talkies arrived, all of his 'atypical' leading man qualities came out...he was on the quiet side, not exactly possessing the alpha male traits or those that made a very successful leading man in the 30s, but capable of creating complex characters and interesting to watch nonetheless.


Exactly! And well written.
It sadly happened to many other wonderful actors and actresses from that era.


He was a bad actor, and certainly not handsome or chrismatic enough to catch Bette Davis' eye. He almost ruined the picture.



Well, he was a wonderful actor and good looking in his heyday.

His acting was also better in talkies like "Heroes For Sale" and "Only Angels Have Wings."


I had never heard about him before I saw this movie. I have watched very few silent movies.
My opinion was that he seemed wooden, no charisma and he had like two facial expressions.
Sadly, a miscast if there ever was one...