I could not STAND Daisy!

So Ann Harding's character strings Leslie Howard along, refusing to get serious with him, and when he decides to move ahead with his life and get married, then she decides to get upset about it?

But what I really didn't like about her was her attitude that he was somehow lowering himself in publishing books that SHE considered lowbrow. What exactly is wrong with a man working hard to provide for his family? It's not like he was printing porn! She's so arrogant to act as though he should only print books that she deems worthy. I hated the way she spent the whole party reading the manuscript, she couldn't even bring herself to mingle. She's got to be set apart from that bourgeois crowd.

Then she has the audacity to say, "Why is money important anyway? I don't have any." I beg to differ! She has a lovely apartment, lovely clothes, and has the means to travel the world and learn to paint. Who exactly is paying for that?

The good thing is, Leslie deserved her. I couldn't stand his character either. Myrna deserves better. Where is William Powell when you need him?