not bad

but not great either


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Yeah, pretty much. So much for that great depression thing either, at least it doesn't seem to have hit France hard in this flick, 1931.



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When I first saw it 25 years ago I instantly thought it one of the best movies I'd ever seen. I still feel that way. Definitely one of my all time favorite films.

If this doesn't get a 10 I'm not sure grading films on a scale makes any sense.

But, then, a lot of people struggle with movies that are old, movies that are in Black and White, and movies that involve subtitles.


It's hardly a matter of "struggle". I watch a lot of old, black and white, and/or subtitled film. This film simply is not that good.

It's clear that many of the high marks given to this film are actually low marks adjusted upward for being a 1931 film (just read some of the comments who gave it 8/10 or higher). But I don't care when it was made, because I'm watching it today. A good film (The Champ, Street Scene) will hold up. This doesn't. 6/10


One of the great films from one of the greatest eras in film history - 1930s pre-occupation France. Not to mention the influence on Chaplin.

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