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(Spoiler Alert) The ending…

I'm confused. Who was the old man who had the jacket and ticket at the end? Was he the guy from the opera backstage that promised to get the jacket for Béatrice? He said he was Grand Père Tulip, but I thought the guy at the end was someone different.

Anyhow, why would Tulip give away the ticket? I thought he was a criminal. I mean, he had the jacket taken from them at gun point in the first place.

What happened?


It's two years later, but please allow me to reply.

Right, it's the same man, Tulip. We see him in his true character (or one of them!) as the suave criminal mastermind who has a gang at his beck and call. Although he is a criminal, he's a kind-hearted one. At least, he has a soft spot for young lovers. His handing over the lottery ticket fits into the benign world of the story, which is always moving toward a happy ending through a series of reversals and surprises. It doesn't have to be consistent with anything else.

This is one of my favorite movies. I highly recommend others by Rene Clair, as well.


Oh, thanks. That explains things.