Does anyone know if Turner Classic Movies has ever shown this movie? It's a film I'd like to see.


Lo, these many years later, it IS being shown on TCM. :)

Spoiler alert--

It's preCode and adult, which makes it seem more modern than some later movies. Married salesman seducing former lover who finds happiness with a good man who knows what she is and helps her to forgive herself for not sticking by her decision to dump the creep. No punishment for the "fallen woman," which is a concept that doesn't even appear in this movie.

Crawford was beautiful and vulnerable then, as opposed to her later stiff and stern look. Gable had that familiar voice and manner but his upper lip sorely needed a moustache.

I'm always impressed by the dance style then that was all arms and legs and borrowed heavily from Africa. Even when modern dancers try to imitate it, we can't capture those moves. One that we could use but rarely do is to place hands on hips with the top of the hands against the body and the fingers pointing backwards, and the elbows as forward as they go in that position. The dancers then had tremendous flexibility.


And was just on again 8/25/2013 ;-)