Really? That Ending?

I actually enjoyed the movie a great deal until the end. I did like that she tore up the check and walked out. Also that the father declared he would follow her ... but then it stopped. We see her walking away and it was almost as if the camera ran out of film. THE END.
Just felt it needed more.


It's such a short movie too. Considering it was made at the height of the Great Depression, perhaps they did indeed run out of film, and/or money.

At least the story is clearly punctuated at the end. By tearing up the check and walking away, June makes a powerful statement, as Gerry admits he's hopelessly in love with her.

So, if they had more film, what do you think wold have happened next?

A predictable ending? Gerry runs to catch June; tells her he loves her, he can't live without her; they get married and live happily ever after?

Or... maybe, June is now so depressed because she has no money, that she commits suicide by jumping off the bridge. Gerry runs to catch her, but he's too late. After watching June plunge to her death, will Gerry be so distraught that he jumps too?

If June somehow survives her fall from the bridge and becomes the new Lady Courtney, I hope she hires Millie as her chambermaid — this would present opportunities for funny dialog between Millie and Dobbs.

In either case, I see Russell hitting the booze again, big time!