Kiss Me Again in colour

It would appear that Kiss Me Again was severely cut, either at the time of release or afterwards. I have read this happened frequently with musicals towards the end of 1930 and in 1931, because the public had grown weary of "all singing, all dancing" film musicals. Nervous studio heads wanted to earn at least some of the heavy production costs of these films back, so they removed many or all of the musical sequences prior to release.
Does anyone know if a Technicolor print of Kiss Me Again still exists? The one I saw on TCM last year was completely black and white.
Although I like Bernice Claire a lot in this picture, I think she shows to even better advantage in Spring Is Here, which TCM also aired last year.
My dream is that TCM/Warner Home Video one day will issue a package of some of these early Warner musicals (pre Busby Berkeley) to their many fans.