Release the Censored 11!!

This and the other cartoons of the infamous "Censored 11" should be released.

For one thing, although it does portray Racial Stereotypes, it does not Promote Racism or Hatred. That is a different subject.

It is, like so many of it's kind, a Cartoon which is bound to have Exaggerated Caricatures of people. That's the basic definition of a "cartoon". They are not meant to be Realistic Portrayals nor are they intended to promote a distorted view. They are a product of their times.

We allow other stereotypes to be portrayed from previous decades and still today. When you see an Irish Character wearing a Green Derby smoking a little pipe, that's a stereotype. Same goes for Scotsman wearing kilts, Nuns in Full Habit with a ruler in their hands, Mexicans wearing a Sombrero, Gay Men speaking with a lisp, and White Men from the South with ragged clothing, beer in hand, gun rack in a pickup truck and glued to watching NASCAR on TV. If these Stereotypes are acceptable, why not the Stereotypes portrayed in this cartoon?

Erasing Black Stereotypes also helps erase Blacks from the media. If you get rid of them, all you will have left are the "White Characters". And then black kids wonder why they can't find any of their people portrayed during this time period.

To dictate how a group of people should be portrayed and erase everything that does not meet with your standards is a form of Racism.

Release the Censored 11, and include a disclaimer if you wish. Include these cartoons in Academic Discussions. Talk it over with your Kids and discuss the question "Why is this Offensive?" Discussion and Debate is much better than simply erasing all things "objectionable".

Release the Censored 11!!