Some observations

Just some random thoughts as I'm watching the film:

1. It is hard to watch how black actors had to act in these old films.
2. The interchange between boyfriend and Barbara is priceless, when she still wants him but intends to marry the old guy and the boyfriend says, "I hope he beats you," and then they just both blow off the comment and promise to see each other later.
3. Marjorie's dress with the rhinestones is awesome.
4. Relationship between father and daughter is interesting. They seem like they are trying to seduce one another several times.
5. Lionel Barrymore is always so much fun to watch.

Still have half the movie left to watch.......


my comments on your thoughts:
1. i'm black & it dont bother me at all. that was just how it was back then, my grandfather use to tell me stories about when he was little in new orleans & he couldnt even speak to a white girl or could get a "beatin" (as he called it) or my mother at 16 being put off a public bus cause she wouldnt give up her seat to a white man & my grandfather was mad at her & called her a troublemaker! but as far as seeing that stuff on old 30's movies; its a world away.

2. seems to me they were just joking- they were even smiling. of course he didnt actually want her to get beat. but men did beat their wives back then & it was no big deal. just watch the "honeymooners" + the audience laughs when he says:
"pow! right to the kisser alice"

3. i agree.

4. double agree- looks like some low key incest especially with that last dying kiss right on the mouth.

5. triple agree.

great ending tho!


I, too, agree--great ending! I loved it. One other comment, since I finished the film: I found the scene with Marjorie and boyfriend in his room a very honest one. She, being exceedingly virginal wanted to see what the difference was between an unwanted lustful kiss and a wanted one--and her boyfriend showed her. To me that was such an honest statement about love/romance/sex, and movies rarely go there. She knew that her attraction to the older guy was not really what she wanted, but she was unsure, too....which is why the test.


That was very racy at the time for a young lady to be in a guy's room at that time in the morning. I thought the father and daughter kissing each other in the movie was creepy too, but I think it only a sign of affection, hopefully nothing more. The father getting shot by the dead guy was strange as hell! I agree, the daughter's dresses were beautiful!