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I thought I spotted Louise Brooks

During the party scene, after our Casanova swore off women, I thought I caught a glimpse of Louise Brooks, so I came here to check the cast credits and I was right! She was not only in the party scene, but also the night nurse playing off the wonderful Joan Blondell's 'day nurse.' Once I saw that hairstyle in the crowd, I knew it had to be Ms. Brooks, and then of course, even though her bangs were pulled off her face for her scene with Ms Blondell, I knew it was her.

This film is a little gem. So glad to catch it this morning on TCM, and pleased to be its first poster.

Always the officiant, never the bride.


Does anyone know if this film ("God's Gift to Women") is available on DVD or even YouTube? I'd love to see the entire film. Thanks. Susan


It's available from the Warner Archive as of Dec 2012.