This movie was hot!

I'm a member of Generation X (spent my teen years in the '80s with Reagonomics, "shrimp" earrings, the birth of Rap and the 2nd British Invasion.) Now I've just seen this film and I like the open sauciness of it that I don't usually equate with films from this time period. I think they tried to clean Hollywood up a bit in the early '30s with a special ratings board.

Anyway, Blonde Crazy was grand naughty fun without being repulsive and stupid like the many American Pie rip-offs they've churned out in the last ten years. Plus, Blondell and Cagney are smokin' in this! I would buy the DVD; I love it!

"This isn't exactly the first grave we've dug. You still think I'm a catch?" - Sam Winchester


Isn't it, though? I wish they'd hurry up and release it on DVD.


yeah it sure was interesting

When there's no more room in hell, The dead will walk the earth...


Good little film.

Starts out rather slow but it's hard not to watch Cagney and Blondell.

Cagney is as cool and feisty as ever and Blondell is actually quite sexy without being obvious or vulgar. Seeing a super-young Milland was a treat too!