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Arrowsmith And House MD?

You make think the subject daffy, but there is this much similarity: the 1931 film and the popular current TV series are both about a non-conformist American doctor and both roles are portrayed by British actors. Just a thought.

Neal Robertson


To House non-conformist is a misnomer, he is a complete miscreate jerk who would not be doing anything positive with Medicine if it did not allow him to abuse and torture people. This show is a very interesting but really kind of sick show. I much prefer Ronald Colman in anything.


I much prefer Hugh Laurie than Coleman, but Ronny was a fine actor for his time.

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"Flutchie": Ronald Colman was "a fine actor" for ANY TIME, ANY ERA. He couldn't always help it if some of the productions he was in were substandard. Every actor, both in Colman's day and in ours, has had his or her share of inferior pictures that were not necessarily the fault of themeselves or any of their supporting cast, but often the fault of producers, directors and screenwriters.

And he's still the best Sydney Carton, hero of the absolute greatest screen version of A Tale of Two Cities (1935), that ever was. My 27 year old niece watched it with me a year ago and she has hardly ever viewed any movie made prior to her birth; but by the end of the picture, Colman-as-Carton made her weep.

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