Remake totally different!

I just watched this version of Drieser's book and was stunned by how different it is from the 1950's version, "A Place In The Sun". In this 1931 adaptation, the pregnant factory girl is so sweet, naive and never threatening, while the young man is a complete and utter cad. Montgomery Clift in the later version came off as the sympathetic one while Shelley Winters factory girl was pushy, demanding and thoroughly unlikeable. Both versions are very good but so different, it's hard to call "Place" a remake.


Just saw this on TCM for the first time today. (I've seen APITS numerous times), and I felt much the same.

They also made the "society girl" role more shallow and less worthy.

They also made the trial much more intense and a longer part of the film. Maybe they wanted a more "moral lesson" type of movie?