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I think this is the only print that survives

The Disney Channel ran this film almost twenty years ago, the last time I saw it. I looked forward to seeing it again after I heard that TCM was running it. The reason being is that TCM does it's own restoration. Usually, if not most of the time, when they show a film it is of the best quality available. I've even taken my old VHS movies from the 80's and recorded over the original studio-grade print because TCM's quality is so much better.

TCM's is the exact same print that I saw on the Disney Channel twenty years ago, complete with jumps, scratches, and poor sound. The original master more than likely no longer survives, making a complete restoration nearly impossible. Still, to have it in any form is a godsend. No one can deny it's historical importance, both as an early talkie and the first film of both Spencer Tracy and Humphrey Bogart (and their only one together).


Tip: turn on closed captioning. In spite of being from 1930 and splice-happy, it is captioned (or was on TCM, anyway), and the captions fill in the missing bits in the dialog quite nicely.