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'Looking for the Love Light....In the Dark'

This movie is the greates movie of all time. From the beginning to end, it captivates you breathlessly as you are watching it. If you have never seen this movie, you need to hassle AMC or Turner Classics to show it again on their respected cable channels. It`s what EVERY movie should be and has what every movie should have. Great music, women in bathing suits, Joe E Brown fishing. Yep, Joe E Brown fishing. That in itself grabs you and never lets go. And the dramatic ending will have you guessing every second as plot cues after plot cues have you gasping in which direction the movie will take. See this movie before you take your next breathe. It is THAT important. This will haunt you until you do. Jack Whiting is a Hollywood Genius. He is what all-leading men in Hollywood should try to pattern themselves out of. SEE THIS MOVIE or the Ghost of Esther Rolles will come visit you at night until you do!!