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What's your favorite part of 'Sinkin' in the Bathtub' (1930)?

These Bosko cartoons have an odd charm to them (if you don't watch too many in a row), but I can't say there's any particular gag that I love. The sight of seeing an animate bathtub throwing sheets of toilet paper in the air like flower petals is strange but not exactly funny.

What do you think of this film?

... Justin


Bosko said "That's All Folks". The card says "THE END". Also, there is a credit card saying "Presented by Vitaphone, a Subsidiary of WARNER BROS. PICTURES, INC.", followed by "LOONEY TUNES A Hugh Harman & Rudolph Ising Sound Cartoon". Then the short title.


It was odd at first seeing Bosko deliver Porky Pig's famous message. But now I've seen so many Bosko cartoons, I'm used to it. Of course, Bugs Bunny delivered the ending message in several cartoons: "And dat's de end!"