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Lincoln's Gettysberg Address?

I just seen this short,first time in many,many years.
I enjoyed the dialogue (Q&A), What did Paul Revere say after getting off his horse? WHOA!!
God Bless Farina,Wheezer,Jackie RIP.


Miss Crabtree: What did George Wash ington say when he crossed the Delaware?
Mary Ann: Poo-poop-a-doop!

Miss Crabtree: What did Paul Revere say at the end of his ride?
Bobby Mallon: Whoa!


Miss Crabtree: What was the name of Abraham Lincoln ' s wife?
Douglas Greer: Mrs. Lincoln.


Miss Crabtree: What did Nathan Hale say just before he was hanged?
Farina: Is this ever gonna be a lesson to me!