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Fundraising Campaign for Chubby's Headstone is Now Underway

Hey everybody,

For those who are not aware, Norman "Chubby" Chaney of Our Gang / The Little Rascals died at the age of 21, and has spent the past 85 years in an unmarked grave. There is FINALLY good news. We have just launched a fundraising campaign to buy Norman a head stone. We're also hoping to raise enough money to buy a head stone for his mother Carolyn, who is buried right next to him at Baltimore Cemetery.

For collectors, we have a set of 20 autographed photos of Joe Cobb. You can get one of these by making a donation of $50 or more to the campaign.

Campaign page:

Both URLs above go to the same campaign page. There's plenty of info to check out on what we're doing with the campaign.

Please pass this info along to your friends, share it on facebook and twitter, etc. Let's make sure Chubsy-Ubsy gets the head stone that he deserves!