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Outward Bound vs. Between Two Worlds

I think "Outward Bound" seems more dated - obviously it's an older film. "Between Two Worlds" seems to be less, I guess, theatrical. "Outward Bound" had a few of the actors from the play and stage acting can be different from acting in other media.

I like "Between Two Worlds" better. Part of it has got to be the introductory scenes. We see the car going to catch a boat to America. We see the couple together in the apartment with the gas.


I totally agree. I felt Outward Bound to be much more dated and theatrical than Between Two Worlds. Plus I loved the cast in the remake. and I liked the added characters Mrs Clive'Banks' husband and the prostitute which added more demention to the story. and as you said, the dramatic beginning was much better. as well as the scenes with John Garfield and Lingly of Lingly ltd. ha!

But I'm glad I was finally able to see Outward Bound. And it was interesting to see, like seeing the original play.


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Yes and no. I have seen both more than once and I like the original more even though I agree with you about the staginess,etc. The reason I hold the original as better is because of the line about Heaven and Hell being the same place. Yes, the remake is more inviting for its more naturalistic portrayals, but I feel it has been softened and is not as edgy as the original.

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In some ways "The Great White Hope" and "The Bad Seed" are like photographed stage plays as well. I'm sure there are others.

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I've seen both. Someone within the last year put put 'Outward Bound' on youtube. But it airs on TCM a couple of times a year. I found it very dated,dull and neverending. 'Between Two Worlds' told the story better. Especially the fate of the annoying Mrs. Cliveden-Banks.


In this film she's sent on to her reward with her husband. Her punishment-that all her friends know how horrible she treated her husband with her numerous affairs and how she tricked him into marriage. Meanwhile she would be with her husband who would be none the wiser.

In BTW Mrs Cliveden-Banks finds out her husband always knew about her affairs and how she tricked him but loved her anyway. She's sent away to live alone for eternity because he no longer loves her and choses another eternity for himself.

This film had 3 fewer characters. There's no Mr Cliveden-Banks,no sailor and no prostitute.

Another difference was the Examiner. The one is this film was not as engaging as Sidney Greenstreet was in BTW. You could say this came off like a filmed play and it didn't transfer well.

In fact there is no war connection in this one. The relationship between Mrs Cliveden-Banks and Mr Prior is different too. She's very impressed by him and glad to have his company. But in BTW it's Mr Lingley she's impressed with.

Tom ,who is traveling with Mr Lingley in this film is the disagreeable reporter in BTW that ruined him with newspaper articles about his business.

I hold the original as better is because of the line about Heaven and Hell being the same place.

I don't understand. That line is in both films.

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