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And the Nominees Are Podcast

So my friends and I have started a podcast entitled And the Nominees Are where we plan to review every single Best Picture nominee. It's a daunting and challenging task as we've already found a few movies that are impossible to find. On occasion we take a break from the nominees and tackle a connecting movie. In previous episodes we reviewed The Love Parade, One Hour With You, and The Smiling Lieutenant so we did a bonus episode to review this one to complete the set. Our bonus episodes are called And the Nominees Aren't. (We're so clever!) You can find it on iTunes or at

We'd love to have a discussion over this one. We liked this one, but it wasn't as strong as the other three to us.


I saw the other 3 first and found them enjoyable---I was especially looking forward to this as perhaps having a bit more substance. Which it did but it also lacked Maurice Chevalier, which would have made all the difference! Did Lubitsch perhaps have a problem with Maurice Chevalier? Not that it is worth worrying about at this late date.


It's pretty good, an interesting mix of music and non. Was never quite sure where the story would go next.

Not sure who composed the music, but seems like it could have been stronger.

That moment when she deliberately messes up her hair and makes a pouty face would probably make a good meme image. :)