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Annoying Background Extras

The Rainbow Club scenes have two extras seated at the table behind Stan & Oliver. They are an annoying couple consisting of one gentleman, and one attractive woman sporting an almost mannish haircut. I say annoying because both continuously go out of their way to try and keep their faces highly visible to the camera. I wonder if the female ever went on to earn a credited role?


They're watching how the masters work. LOL!

They started out with another couple, but by the time the guy started singing and Stan was crying, the other couple had vanished.

I suspect they were told to just gawk at them, but they seemed like they started too soon, then had to return to acting non-chalant, but yea, his chair keeps conveniently turning around to watch the guys.

Obviously this was 30 years before Buster Keaton did Candid Camera and kept dropping his glasses and toupee in the soup and the couple, especially her, strained to not watch him.

Pity these two never saw Candid Camera.


Funny how I found it added to the scene and not annoying in anyway. It added realism because they were looking at two drunk dim bulbs during prohibition. Who wouldn't look at that?


The footage of the "extras" in the long shots almost looks like it was a rear screen projection, which would make things even stranger. Not saying it is, it just looks like one.