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Blu-ray release from Fox 5/8/12 (but only a Walmart exclusive)

20th Century Fox is releasing The Big Trail on Blu-ray on May 8, 2012.

Oddly, this will at least initially be an exclusive release at Walmart. No details on price, extras or whether this is the widescreen (and more complete) Grandeur version, though it would be a waste if it were not.

Fox has just resumed releasing a few classic films from its library after almost four years of neglect, including Blu-rays of titles previously released on DVD (this film and the 1953 Titanic), and DVD/Blu combos of new-to-disc films. Stars and Stripes Forever was the first such dual-disc release in December. The second will be another John Wayne film, The Barbarian and the Geisha, also to be released as a Walmart exclusive on May 8. SASF retailed at $34.99, which seems to be the likely price of Barbarian, but the Blu-only Big Trail will probably retail for $29.99, like Titanic.

Anyone with further info, please post!


Mallwart has it up for pre-order at $12.96. Bargain!

It says Blu + DVD but I don't know if both versions are incuded, i.e. 35mm & 70mm.

The Crapple device I am on won't let me see the product details.

Can someone take a look?; amp; amp;ic=16_0&Find=Find&search_constraint=4096


Both the 35mm and 70mm versions are included on the Blu-ray. The DVD disc also has both versions. Fox copied a 35mm reduction print from the 70mm original and it is likely that the wide screen version on the Blu-ray has been taken from printing. There is no question that the cinematography of the Grandeur 70mm version is superior to the 35mm standard version. The Blu-ray upgrade will show off the wide screen nicely but remember that the film itself has not restored so the scratches and defects will still remain. However, we are fortunate to have the wide screen version at all. Some of Fox's other Grandeur films no longer exist.