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I found this movie really similar!!!!

I found this movie really connected to another great masterpiece BLACK AND WHITE IN COLORS by Leonardo Corbucci. One of the biggest differences is that in Corbucci's movie we find a infinity black room, where the character are trapped. In this movie also the characters are 3, and one is from a parallel universe similar to the past, where life was much simpler and poetic.... When I watch the movie I thought it was one of the best movie that I ever watch in the last years.

You can find the trailers and the movie here:

To bad in these days of material world, abstract movies are not so popular.... because I am sure only in the future we will recognize these movies masterpiece, but then, the directors will be dead and it will be to late to cheers for them and push them to make more movies. Sad reality of today society... where "Transformers 12 " will makes the Top box office.



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