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The final **PUNCH!**

If you own Howard Maxford's book, this won't be news but if you don't have a copy of "The A-Z of Hitchcock," I highly recommend you get one. It really adds some nice background info on a Hitch film which you may not find elsewhere.

In "The Ring," Hitch instructed real-life boxer Carl Brisson (One-Round Jack) to let his opponent really have it in the final round of their big match. So that final punch to Ian Hunter (Bill Corby) was not pulled and Hunter really did hit the deck. If you watch it in slo-motion you can see that Hunter wasn't faking afterwards as he floundered around on the canvas. I've uploaded a photo from the book:


Serves him right, that old Wife-Stealer! lol This was back in the early days of boxing, and the final days of fisticuffs, so I'm certain these true boxers didn't mind coming to real blows. Good to know! FuturePrimitive666.

"*bleep* it all and *bleep*ing no regrets!"