Eight people have rated it... 1

(That's 1, as in ONE - not 10 with a missing cipher.)

I cannot imagine what were they thinking, but would LOVE to hear their argumentation (if any).
Seriously: don't be intimidated, come and tell me. ;)


I don't believe those eight people (if they were indeed eight different people) actually saw the film.

We tend to take so much for granted these days, but I still remember appreciating that quick cut between the shots of police officers and dolls in a store window bobbing their heads up and down, an amusing Weimaresque commentary on police behavior.


I suppose you're right... ;)

It's just that this was supposed to be - or so I thought (silly me ) - a "Mecca" for film lovers.

Instead... Eh, I hate repeating myself. ;)
And besides, it's not like anyone (except you, perhaps) will ever read this.

Anyway, I am glad you're familiar with it.


Probably some cranky kids with low attention spans who saw it in class. Cretins.

Yippee-ki-yay, pastel-colored resistance!


I saw it on Netflix, and among the useful comments was one from a viewer who called the movie boring, waste of time etc. There's no accounting for taste, and if it's only eight 1's, that pretty damn good for any film here on IMDB.

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Most movie viewers expect a film to have a plot. This one doesn't so they wouldn't like it. Further, some of those people would consider a film without a plot to be a complete waste of time therefore it merits the lowest score. It's no different from people rating a film a 10 precisely because it doesn't have a plot and is therefore "art". As I post this 21 people have given it a 1, but a whopping 347 have given it a 10. As for me, this is a middle of the road film.

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