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An interesting story that's presented well - Spoiler Alert

I love this movie. It was very unexpected. Each time I thought I knew where it was about to go it went somewhere else. I think Chaplin was able to step out of the 'forest'; allowing himself to see the movie from the audiences' point of view which can be different from the filmmaker's.

He seemed to know what we would be thinking and made sure to address those questions in an interesting way. For instance, when Marie, in a later scene is in a household full of children with, of all people, Jean's mother, we wonder what's happened. Did Jean somehow make it? In the scene just prior Marie was crying at his side but, no, we know he's dead. Did Revel change his plans and marry he, giving her what she's always wanted; a family? If not Revel, who did Marie marry?

At that precise moment, one of the children looks out the open front door and says, "mother, here comes father". With anticipation we prepare to learn who will walk through the front door. I fully expected the movie to end there, leaving us hanging but it does not. The father walks through the door but it's not who we're expecting.

There are many other similar scenes that, for me, makes this movie not only an unexpected gem but one that also entertains and offers many important lesson like follow your dreams; anything is possible; and we make our own choices.

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