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What did you rate ''The Mark of Zorro'' (1920)?

I hugely enjoyed this silent adventure, especially the climax featuring a long string of spectacular stunts from the star, Douglas Fairbanks. A near-fatal flaw is Fairbanks's decision to play Don Diego, the alter-ego of Zorro, as lugubrious. I understand that he needed to contrast the two personalities, but whenever Diego appears the movie nearly comes to a halt.

Still, it's not enough to ruin the movie. I rated The Mark of Zorro 7/10 for the database: What did you rate it? What did you think of it?



I also rated it 7. There was some good action but also some flaws.


7 should do it indeed. It's a funny and entertaining curio, but doesn't truly capture the spirit of Zorro. The second half quite differs from the McCulley's novel (particularly the implausible ending).