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Worst Chaplin movie ever

His first movie sucked balls, but this this is even worse. Absolutely garbage.


To which "movie" are you referring when you said "His FIRST movie..."?

BTW I strongly disagree with you. "Triple Trouble" Is not the disaster that so many people claim. Even if Chaplin himself wasn't involved in its creation.
Certainly this short feels disjointed because there was used footage from previous shorts like "Police", "Work", and one never released: "Life", in order to make this one.

If you want to see one of the few shorts by Chaplin that are irredeemable, then watch "The Bond" shot in 1918.



Haha yes I've seen it, The Bond is terrible.


The Bond does suck nuts! But Triple Trouble isn't only bad but it's confusing as hell which makes it even BADDER than The Bond.

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