Tanks of the Somme

This film was brought out in cinemas in early august 1916.

The battle was still going on at that time (1st July-18thNovember 1916) so it missed out the second most dramatic and one of the most important parts of this battle, The first ever use of tanks in battle, on the 15th of September 1916.
Still one of my favourate films of all time.


just been watching a documentry on the film.
aparently a lot of the footage is faked.
the alies thinking it was gona be a piece of cake to win the battle let a camera mane film everything to show in cinemas at home. but jeffery malens (not sure on the spelling) film was butcherd and fitted with properganda scenes and movie type battles such as where they go over the top and 1 guy gets killed.
it whould be good to see the original footage without the faked footage but its proberly been lost or hiden in a vault by the m.o.d back in 1916.
check out the (battle of the somme (the true story)) its shown on the history chanel in the uk.



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I didn't know that

thanks for the info

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Tanks are featured prominently in the third film of this WWI documentary 'trilogy', "The Battle of the Ancre"(1917) (not currently present on the IMDb; held by the Imperial War Museum and being re-scored for release).

~~Igenlode, back from watching "The Battle of the Ancre and the Advance of the Tanks" at the British Silent Film festival

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