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11 p.m. Central on Sunday, May 10, on TCM!

I'm sorry that I couldn't get to this site sooner, but maybe those in other time zones will have the opportunity to watch this.

At 11 p.m. Central, TCM is showing Hayakawa's "The Cheat" followed by "The Dragon Painter"! I hadn't checked earlier but just finished watching "The Sign of the Ram" and decided to see what else they would be showing, particularly on "Silent Sunday".

Perhaps this will alert others who have been watching for it, too.



I happened to see it. I loved the lighting. CB DeMille lighted Hayakawa's character as if he were Dietrich. And the lighting when Edith visited Richard in jail was very good: he's behind the shadows of the bars, while Edith is lighted without any shadows at all: he's wrongfully imprisoned, she's wrongfully free.

"The Dragon Painter" didn't hold my attention and I didn't watch it, but "The Cheat" kept me watching the whole thing. I thought the fight between Edith and Haka Arakau was shocking in its 1915 violence, and the actors were completely believable in that scene.