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The Trip to the Moon: 1902 + 1914

I wonder, what's the relation between this movie (1914) and the famous "trip to the Moon" filmed in 1902 by the same director. Was it a remake or something?


They are both based on the same Jules Verne novel.

Also, the 1902 film is directeed by Georges Méliès, whereas this is directed by Vincent Whitman.


Alot of folks seem to have this confused with Georges Méliès Le Voyage dans la lune/A Trip to The Moon (1902). It isn't that film and it isn't a remake. What it is is a really lame cartoon. People really should get their facts straight before voting. This is currently rated higher than the original.

Simarly, Longford and Whyte's Sunrise (1926) is rated higher than Murnau's classic, Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, from the following year.

Sorry to rant, but this is really irritating. Maybe someone will read this and adjust their votes.