a trip to the moon

Nicolas Echaniz
Professor Char Miller
May 27, 2008
Paper 1

A trip to the Moon
The movie clip “A Trip to the moon” depicts what is was once though as impossible. By using a wide array revolutionary especial effects viewers in 1927 received a unique experience of humans traveling to alien worlds.

The most profound aspect of this movie clip is the great amount of similarities between the past and the present. Back in 1917 traveling to the moon seem like an impossible task but we do know that mankind did have the opportunity to travel to the moon. Nevertheless both realities, past and present, posse a great number of similarities in several ways.

One the most important scenes in the clip are the beginning where everybody meets. This meeting consists mainly of scientist and government officials discussing what the best approach is and who will take the task of traveling. Currently that is exactly what NASA and other space agency do before embarking in a mission. In a way in 1927 they might lacked the knowledge and experience of traveling to other worlds but the concept itself remain the same.

Another great similarity between both realities is the social structure. In the video clip we see a main scientist controlling the others well now in the future we have a flight director. Once again the purposes of these two entities remain the same despite the fact of time. Furthermore in the video clip we see how mechanics work together to set up the shell. Well in current times we have the concept by utilizing engineers instead of regular mechanics. Still the purpose of mechanics in 1917 and engineers in current times remain mostly the same; work together to assemble the means of travel.

The final and perhaps the most important similarity between the video clip and current times is the main idea. The idea of humans being draw towards objects that can not reach. Since scholars have looked at the stars have always wish to reach the moon, this idea have always remain with us ever since. This movie clip what is does is to show the spectators what is like to travel to the moon by using images. This concept is revolutionary because people at that time were not familiar with visual stimulants. In a way in more current times we are still amaze by the visual pictures, by showing us things or ideas that we can not reach at the moment.

In many different ways this video clip could be consider as a masterpiece by combining innovation and dreams. By dissecting this video clip scene by scene viewers can analyze and reflect of the continuous flow of our inner dreams. This video clip in fact does have extraordinary qualities in which every person should be able to relate to. People will always have an extreme level of fascination towards the unknown and what they can not reach for. This is why viewers should embrace this clip and learn from it.