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Newspaper at the end? (Spoiler)

I really liked this movie but was confused by one thing. Why did the newspaper at the end mention how it was unfortunate that Gabriel had died with a sunday newspaper in his lap? I think maybe I missed something from earlier in the film, could anyone (if anyone ever checks this forum) clear this up for me?

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I think the article about the minister's death was in a later newspaper. My interpretation was that the parishioners hadn't bothered to notice the article ("Why 'The Truth' Has Startled Wicked Paris") in the first newspaper in the minister's lap, and didn't connect it with the minister's death, although the article apparently upset him enough to generate the whole dream, and he died from despair. To the parishioners, and to the later newspaper article, the minister, himself, was a hypocrite, having been reading the newspaper right after seeming so self-righteous about hypocrisy then sitting right down to casually read the paper as if his sermon had just been an act.

At least that's what I gathered, from my vantage point here in 2010. Maybe he was considered hypocritical because he'd disapproved of the choir boys doing the same thing (reading the paper) during his sermon. Or maybe his hypocritical congregation, who were planning to anonymously sack him, planted the later newspaper story.