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No, you haven't seen this film!

Let's settle this with a nice and clear little topic, okay? I think lot of people need help on this confusing affair. It's okay, I too was confused some years ago!

No, you haven't seen this film. No, you haven't bought it in a DVD store and you haven't found it on the internet.

What you have seen is the 1920 film.
This board is about the 1915 film.
It was the first film featuring the Golem played by Paul Wegener, it was a huge sucess, but it's LOST. only fragments survives. The 1915 film is about the Golem brought up to life again in the modern(1915) era. A 1917 comic pseudo-sequel was made about the actor using his Golem costume and cause trouble. Also lost, it apprears.
The 1920, some sort of prequel (NOT A REMAKE! IMDb is wrong!), is that movie you've seen, with those old medieval settings with weird distortions. This visual style is called expressionism, and was made popular in german cinema when The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari was released (which was in... 1920).

Another note: Gustav Meyrink's novel (The Golem) have nothing to do with the films despite some claims. It's a interesting but hard read though (but I'm no great reader). But I can't claim it may have inspired the films or not...

1915 film = lost, different film
1920 film = that film on that DVD of yours, if you want to discuss it, it's here you go:

Until then I'm aware this film will continue to be the most voted lost film of all on IMDb...


I hate it when people do that! Pretending they have or seen something like my ex-friend Jakob Lowe ( says he's seen movies I ask questions and he says he cant remember. What a 8= . He can go *beep* him self he is just upset he has a strict mother that wont even let him watch "Spider-Man" (new one) or "The Dark Knight".