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Evidence for Tod Browning as director?

Can anyone point to a source for Tod Browning's credit as director? No books on Chaney or Browning that I've seen mention this. Chaney books list the director as unknown, and it doesn't get mentioned at all with Browning. A director is not credited on the film itself, and a pretty good source like silentera lists the director as unknown. This information is creeping through many internet sites and really needs to be dealt with.


I wonder that myself. Every comment states Browning as director, while IMDB seems to be very careful. The title is not mentioned in the books I've read, like The Hollywood Professionals about Tod Browning and The Horror People about Lon Chaney.

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I agree with previous posters; unless evidence is there people should not make these assertions, but be satisfied with "it appears to be the work of Joe Sarno", or "definitely in the style of Doris Wishman". In the case of Tod Browning, there is no evidence from watching this short film that it resembles any of his work, so even that assertion is not warranted.

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