Logical Narrative

of cruelty and torture committed by human hands.

Human hands effortlessly create and execute.

The human hand giveth life and taketh away life and restoreth life after taking life away.

Animator is Annihilator.

The animator's hand appears, in breath drawing a marionette-clown suspended hang-man style from a horizontally drawn line, a horizontal control bar.

Marionette-Clown releases the bar drops down and the bar drops down too, forming a box within which is a high-hatted gentleman carrying an umbrella. The hat and umbrella reshape themselves into a theatre interiour. And the torture begins.

The clown, sitting in front of the gentleman, sticks his face right into the gentleman's face and the gentleman hits his nose/face. Marionette-Clown ascends and a lady parading an egregiously large plumed hat slips into the seat in front of the gentleman. The gentleman plucks out one plume at a time, destroying her hat, slitting a slit into the screen to dispose of the plumes, then sets the lady alight with his cigar, her head swelling into a bubble containing the clown. The clown absorbs her and the gentleman, and the chair is into a smoking pipe.

For the remaining fifty-seconds, Marionette-Clown is tortured by people and objects and he tortures them in turn. The chair-pipe morphs into a jack-in-the-box box which Marionette-Clown downward spirals into, and as the lid closes a bubbly man who resembles the Michelin Man quickly approaches the box and drops boxes on top of the box, potentially trapping Marionette-Clown, who shoots out head-first, the tip of his triangular hat goring Michelin Man in his bubble-gut.

The jack-in-the-box hiding place drops down out of the screen as a chair with a slim-gentleman rises up. Marionette-Clown straddle the chair and innocuously pushes the man out of the chair but uses a fishing rod to hook the man's coat and reel him back; the man morphs into a bubble dangling from the fishing rod, the clown turns and the bubble morphs seemingly by his own command into a soldier with a fencing sword whom immediately tries to stab him to death.

That which we create destroys. Self-destruction. Clown the alter-ego of animator. Whom he tortures. And also saves.

At the pivotal moment, the clown lifts up a burning candle and thrusts the candle at the soldier, and the candle tears form a cascade and erase the soldier. A long stem in a flower pot rises up and decapitates clown, his head land on top of a diabolo juggling prop (also called 'the devil on two sticks'......! Marionette Clown is certainly a little devil on two sticks, comprised of a mere two sticks!) and a bottle-shaped man holding the diabolo juggles the marionette's the head.

Marionette regains his head and bottle-man morphs into an old-fashioned milk bottle which fires his/its cork at the clown, the cork in midair morphs into a splash of fluid (milk or semen?), clown splashed in face, but no attempt to lick fluid, then the bottle swallows up the clown. Perhaps latent breast-feeding imagery, phallic imagery, animator has issues with his mother, the violence of the fluid ejaculation ties into the torture theme, the clown's lack of tasting fluid a rejection of milk which to me signifies cruelty (baby rejecting breast is perceived as baby rejecting mother), probably over-reaching but can't help it because it's a milk bottle that also looks phallic-like blows out a cork which morphs into spurting fluid that happens to burst across Marionette's entire body, head-to-toe splashed with milk/semen. Rejection of milk and force of ejaculation equate to inborn cruelty and violence.

The milk bottle swallows up the Clown, the Clown is trapped in bottle like a fetus in utero, the bottle morphs into a lotus flower blooms and births Marionette standing proudly atop the seedcup, stem morphs into tip of elephant trunk which brings Marionette up to the elephants' face, giving Marionette a curious look-over, elephant morphs into a house - elephants are wise and warm and familiar and broad and like houses should be, Marionette enters but is promptly locked out by a policeman yet escapes through a window, in the process decapitating himself.

Dr. Frankenstein creating a Creation that the Creator Commandeers into destruction.

The animator's hands intervene, reattaching Clown's head. Resurrected, Marionette swells up like a balloon and floats away.

Life is a constant war and we laugh at the cruelty and torture, no feelings of pain. No hint of pain in the victims.

The animator Emile Cohl brought up in war under a military regime war machine. Might have something to do with the victim/victimizer, tortured/torturer, abused/abuser plot.

Reviews grossly underestimate the logic of the narrative. 10/10